Monday, July 30, 2012

Raspberry Waves

Sometimes weird words come to me when I'm thinking of titles for fractals I create.  This is one of those.  I have no idea - other than maybe some pinks and whites in this fractal - why I thought of it, but it somehow seemed to fit.
Raspberry Waves / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I love trying the different formulas and parameters in my fractals program.  This particular fractal isn't "swirly" like many others that I have, but I still like it because of the "metallic" feel to it.  Somehow, combining an organic name with an almost metallic image makes it seem more down to earth.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Purple Velvet

What I've been working on today is this image.  The first name that came to mind was "Purple Velvet."  I modified it in my fractals program, then further refined it in my imaging software program.  I love the colors - purple, I think, is a common color in lots of my fractals.  I'm not sure it's my favorite color or anything like that, but I love the way it "vibrates" with other colors, I think.
This was originally a "Mandelbrot" fractal.

Purple Velvet / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Wave Bliss

Oh how fun it is to create more different and varied fractals.  I continually learn more about them, how they work, varying the formulas - I feel like I could call myself a "fractal arts major" - though I've long since graduated college.
In any case, I created this after some experimentation on my part.  The image looks like purple water - at least I thought it did.  I just love the soft texture it seems to embody.  This image definitely is a more unusual one for me:
Water Wave Bliss / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
Depending on your point of view, this could also look like a pinwheel, a warped flower or any other number of things our imaginations could conjure up.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Focus

When I first rendered this image, it looked like a butterfly wing.  I actually really liked it:
Butterfly Wing / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
The thing is, I knew this picture wasn't balanced.  I went into my graphics program, intent upon turning it into a butterfly.  
But, after hours of copying, duplicating, cropping, stretching, and even trying to use spheroids of this image, I finally gave up.  It's not because I'm not going to do something with this, but it's my goal to actually finish a fractal every day.  I knew that I was in danger of not completing my task.
So, I changed the parameters, kept the same colors and kept experimenting.  I came up with this:
Color Focus / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I am pleased with the second picture.  I think I'll keep it.  But, the first image is "asking" me to do more with it.  I'm just not sure what I'm going to do.  I'll let it "sit" for awhile and I may go back to that one.  In the meantime, I'll submit Color Focus for publication on products at my Zazzle store.  
I am not usually big on spherical images (which was what gave me the idea to work with spheres in the first picture above), but I like how it looks like there is a "lens" placed on top of the image.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Zazzle Store - Egyptian Lace

I am much slower at creating products than I am at producing images - I definitely try to create a new fractal every day.
In any case, I finished working on Dacytl Fractyl in my Zazzle store.  I haven't shared that image here, yet:
Dactyl Fractyl / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
Once I finished that, though, I started to work on products with the Egyptian Lace image on them.  Creating these is really so much fun.  
Here is a postcard I created:
Egyptian Lace Postcard
Egyptian Lace Postcard by CCLiteratureGirl
Browse other Egyptian Postcards

I have address labels that go with it, as well as envelopes

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Different Fans

As I work more and more with fractals, I'm getting braver and wanting to experiment with different and more things.  
I rendered this image today.  I love the purples and lights.  It reminded me of a fan, so it's called, "Fan of the Orient":
Fan of the Orient / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I felt like it was a "complete enough" image.  But then I went back.  After much fiddling and diddling, I came up with this:

Fan of the Orient - Light / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I like the "flutter" of the second image.  
I need some votes.  Which ones do you, the readers like better?  Let me know in the comments.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Egyptian Lace

Egyptian Lace / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I had fun with this one.  I enjoy the range of colors, from the reds all the way to the blues.  It's pretty amazing that one color palette is so interesting over others.  I always try different colors and palettes before settling on one that I like.
After making this, I've gotten some ideas on fun things to add.  I'll be working on that over the next few days.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Electric Fury

It's been so stormy over here the last few days.  I don't mind it, actually.  Okay, well maybe a little when my basement floor is continually flooded, but heck, it's cement.  It'll dry - in winter!

In any case, when I created this fractal today, I couldn't help but think about last night when lightning struck the electric pole only a few hundred yards away - twice.  Twice I heard this metallic popping sound and I was waiting for the electricity to go out.  

It never did and I went on happily fractalling.  If you've seen my other blog, though, in the middle of all that after the rain, it got really misty and I left my dinner on the stove - cooking on high - so I could run down the road in my PJ's just to get the perfect picture.

Alas, the life of a creative.  

So, when this image finished rendering, I had an "electric" feeling.  ZAP!

Electric Fury / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clear Clams

Clear Clams / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
The first thing I thought of when I made this fractal was the beach.  It could echo the waters you see or the ocean waves.  The pink could be the sunrise or sunset.  The smaller, messier parts of this fractal image are like splashes or sand.  
Indeed, they're not the actual image of the beach, but I can't help but think of clam shells and the  beauty that you find at the beach.
Ah, the beach.  I remember that I truly discovered this art form immediately after a beach trip.  I need to go back...if just to get gobs more inspiration.
I also have to remark that I love the "pointyness" of the messier objects (sounds like a star cluster, doesn't it?).  These make me think of those glass-blowing artists and the way they manipulate the heated glass, all the while dancing to their favorite music like Gipsy Kings.  
Oh...that reminds me....The Gipsy Kings are a really great Spanish guitar-playing group that are awesome to create fractals to:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

35 Awesome Fractals

I came across Smashing Magazine's site with a highlight of some amazing fractals.  I don't usually do the flame type of fractals - I do like my colors - but these are beautiful.  
This image is just a sampling.
This is "Untitled" by Lynn "Gracie's Mom"
What's so awesome is that it gives me ideas for future fractals.  Seeing stuff like this challenges me to want to do even more with my own fractals.  Talk about incredible imagery and precise manipulation!!  
I admit I'm still a student of fractals.  The day I can't say that, though, is the day I need to move on from this art form.  But I find the possibilities endless, so I don't see that happening anytime soon.  
Like I said, I don't do much with the flame-type fractals, but this might be an avenue for me to explore in the future.  Hmm.


I was working on this fractal and tried a few things I hadn't before.  I really like the look of it.  The working title is "Josselations" because the colors oscillate and because they almost look jewel-like.  
"Josselations" / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
 The purples, blues and hints of other colors are pleasing to me.  I like the smoothness - something I hadn't achieved before in my other fractals.  I might have to continue to do that.  Though it took a long, long time to render this.  I might still play with it.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spiral Glob

This one is a little different for me.  I don't usually use the "kaleidoscope" function that much in my designs because I feel like they get too "programmed" or something.  However, I liked Spiral Glob.  It took a few tries to get it just the way I wanted it, but the purple, green and black all seem to play like something out of a merry-go-round.  

Not entirely sure on that one, but here it is:
"Spiral Glob" - (c) Cyndi Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
This also reminds me - a little bit - of a mutant ladybug.  I mean, couldn't you see slapping it on something and looking at the spots.  Ha!  
I definitely love it when I create an image that conjures up all sorts of visions for me.  This one definitely does!

Fractal Inspiration

I decided to write an article about my journey of fractals so far.  But, goodness, it's an otherworldly journey.  
Fractals and My Digital Art

I have included lots of new pictures in that article.  The following image isn't in the article, though.  It's another one that I'm not sure if it's quite finished or not.  I like the colors, but then I don't like them:
This is "Chaotic Splash" / C. Calhoun 2012.
Chaotic splash because I thought it looked a little like water dropping into fire or something like that.  I like how the red contrasts with the blue and yellow.  
But there's something that I want to do...but I'm not sure exactly what it is.  Hmm.  I've have to play with this one.  I won't consider it finished, yet.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I love playing with the symmetry filter on my computer program.  This was an unexpected outcome.  At first I thought it looked like a butterfly, but now I think it's more like "wings".  I also played with the palette of colors to get an unexpected range of some muted and some bold colors.  
I call it "Wings" but suddenly I think it could be a "Troika".
(c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ice Age

Here's one I recently created.  I think I'm partial to fractals with shades of gray and other subtle colors.  I don't know why, but I've created a number of gray fractals, not all of which I've shared here, but I'll share more for sure.  
Ice Age - (c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I'm not sure why I thought of "Ice Age" when I finished this.  I suppose it was all the "cold" colors or maybe they look like little island glaciers.  Earlier in my fractal career, I created several other gray-colored fractals.  I'm definitely intrigued.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zazzle - Modern Geode

I'm making new products for one of my newer fractals called Modern Geode.  I came up with a fun idea.  I've been making "collections" - products with the same image on them, but actually part of a larger collection.  It's kind of fun to think about Modern Geode as being part of a collection, but I have to admit I'm still awed that I can put my artwork - that I put blood, sweat and tears into - on so many products:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here's a work in progress.  It may be finished; I'm not sure.  I'll have to stare at it awhile longer to determine if it sits well.  
Sometimes I get that "zing" when I finish something and I know it's finished.  Other times, for some reason, I have to let an image sit and see if it's still appealing to me.  
This is one of those images.  It's called Enigma. Let's see if I still like it tomorrow.
Enigma - (c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Symbolic Fissure - Finished

I knew when I posted yesterday that my new fractal, Symbolic Fissure wasn't complete.  I tweaked it in a photo application.  
After playing with layers and filters, I finally came up with something that I really like:

Fractal Art
Symbolic Fissure ~ C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I played with some things that I normally don't do.  However, the end result is a halo-effect on the overall image.  Cool.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Symbolic Fissure

Here's one I'm working on - it's not complete, yet.  I started it late last night and I'm not satisfied with it.  However, I like the color scheme.  I might edit it in Photoshop and play around with it some more.
I had an askew image and then I hit the "symmetry" filter in my computer program.  It made it into a bilateral image.  That's actually part of why I don't like it, yet: it's sorely symmetrical.  
My goal is to work on it today to come up with a striking image that isn't so...worked up.  Ha!
It's my work in progress...I call it "Symbolic Fissure".
(c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
The name for this just popped into my head.  I'm not sure I'll keep it, but it's a working title.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Roundhouse Peace Fractal

I just love an image that allows me to feel the love and experience some peace.  I completed the Roundhouse Peace fractal last evening and all day today, I've been putting the image onto products at my Zazzle store.  
I actually created a preliminary image like this, but I didn't like the stark symmetry.  I modified it in GIMP and added some "depth" to it.  When I finished it, I really liked the image.  
Roundhouse Peace Wall Clock
Roundhouse Peace Wall Clock by CCLiteratureGirl
View other Roundhouse Wall Clocks
Indeed, I might have to order this clock for myself!  :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Black and White

This was one of my earliest fractals.  I only have a couple of items in my Zazzle store with this image on them because I hadn't yet figured out size and resolutions when it came to putting them on websites.
I find the starkness of the black and white striking, but also the greys.  I love the shades of grey. It almost seems like some microscopic neuron cell or something - at least to me.
Black and White Fractal ~ (c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zazzle Store!

I have over 100 products with the fractals I've created at my online store, powered through Zazzle.
I'm still building this store, but it has all my fractals on different products.  

Jeweled Islands

"Jeweled Islands" - (c) C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

When I finished this fractal, the first thing I was thought was, "Jeweled Islands".  All my fractals are 2-D - not 3D - and this is one I completed with just a few tweaks of my Mandelbrot equation (Mandelbrot is a type of formula for a fractal).  I tweaked the colors and didn't use any filters.  I just liked the image as-is.  
Jeweled Islands...they make me think about something in the Caribbean.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crowned Jewel

I'm in the process of working with "Crowned Jewel" - a fractal I created and now I'm posting it to the Zazzle marketplace.  It's one of my favorites so far.
After I made this, I played with the colors and I love the jewel tones.  When I finished, jewels must have been on my mind, because that was the first name that popped into my head for this image.

Jeweled Eye

I owe my friend "Movie Master" - aka Leslie a debt of gratitude.  After she published her article on dandelions - yes, dandelions - and talked about kaleidoscope settings with pictures, I went exploring.  I found fractals.  I loved them so much it became my new art medium.
I created the image above shortly after I discovered how cool fractals are.  It is entitled "Jeweled Eye."
I love the colors and graphics I can create with my fractal program on my computer.