Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cut and Wave

This reddish design is something created from the use of three or four filters I hadn't tried before.  

It's so fun how just a few tweaks of this and that allow you to create something completely different than other fractals I've created.  I love that - the possibilities are endless.

It took me awhile to settle on a color scheme, but when I did, I really liked the contrast of the reds, greens and blues.  I also like how the filter "cut" the fractal into compartments.

Cut and Wave / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.
I didn't make this image symmetrical, but I definitely like how it seems pretty balanced.  However, there still are oddities that happen in each quadrant, which is what helps to make this image interesting.  
Another one that I'll eventually put in the store.

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